Friday, December 14, 2012

Short Story Friday: Prank

I have been extremely lazy and busy at the same time this past week. I suppose, it's because of the holiday season and school work has been piling up for me to finish before break. So this is going to be an interesting short story, which I may or may not be able to edit. Hope you like it!:D

In a town the size of a pin wheel, lived a little boy named Eric. He had a sloppy grown hair that curled at the ends, and drooped on to of his head. Eric was a pudgy kid, and he loved to dance at unexpected times. Though, his friends and classmates always laughed and teased him, Eric did not let that take away what he loved to do.

Eric had an older brother. Kevin was the big brother that did football, and went through girls like a meteor shower. He didn't like the fact that his little brother was being teased at all day. When he heard a rumor  he'd stop it then and there. The power the most popular kid was lethal, and thankfully Kevin used it for good.

"What's that you have on your mind?"Eric questioned Kevin.

Kevin was easily twice the size as Eric. Both being quite the opposite of each other. Eric had a pudge that held close to his bones, and didn't slack, while Kevin was made out of carbon and muscle. When he looked down at Eric, it could be mistaken for pitying him.

"Something you don't need to know,"he quipped.

Eric's eyebrows smushed together in a frown,"And why would that be?"

In all honesty, Kevin was thinking about the game plan for the night's game after dark. Not the football game, but the senior's game. The one where you personally prank each of the freshman. One elder choose their pray on the veal. Eric, was a freshman. As far as Kevin heard, Eric was going to get it bad. His little brother was the target for three of the toughest game players in the grade, Patrick, Conner, and Joseph. All three of them together on one prank would cause a bigger explosion than Nagasaki.

"What are you doing tonight?"Kevin asked his sibling.

"I'm going down town for an audition,"he said quite sheepishly because he always thought that Kevin disapproved of him dancing. Kevin would always try to make him play sports or play video games. Eric insisted that he had to practice dancing. Since, Eric was one of the few guys in the school that was open about his dancing, he attracted a lot of the girls. He would be spotted with girls talking to him. Whether they are on the cheer team, or in a ballet studio.

"Would you like me to come with you? Moral support."Kevin added.

This struck something in Eric. Eric was not completely clueless, so he did question why Kevin wanted to come, but he was more excited that his older brother would be there to witness what might be his big break.

Neither of them knew that Patrick, Conner, and Joseph created the audition as a prank a week before the pranks would ensue.

To Be Continued

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