Saturday, December 22, 2012

Losing Your Writing

Writing rules!  <3Thursday was a very scary night for me. I tried to open my novel on Scrivener and it came out as nothing what so ever. My nanowrimo novel was completely gone, and I was devastated. I checked by flash drive for any copies, but they only contained my short stories. I tried to search back in history on my laptop, but I had recently done a system restore on my pc. It was incredibly distraughting, and if you are a writer, you would be too.

I did get my novel back, don't worry, I can still do this series. You ask me how I got my novel back? I found an old email I sent to myself with an attachment of my nanowrimo novel. This .rtf file was readable, and I just opened it up with Scrivener. BTW you should definitely check out scrivener if you are currently writing a large project, or want to write a novel, or nanowrimo, etc.

What I'm trying to get by is, always make copies of your novel. Make irrational copies. For instance, make an epub or Mobi file for ereaders, even though you don't have an ereader. Make .rtf, word documents, pages for macs, what ever. Make as many copies as possible through out your writing, and put them on a flash drive and email them to your friends. Print out each chapter you finish. Find away of keeping your novel by putting it out there, without completely giving away your work.

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend, holiday break, and may your writing be better than ever.

Love and Hugs


  1. That is scary! I am glad you retrieved it up and got it back! I would be devastated if I lost my story half way through of editing it all.

    I always send my story in my email. And this is a great reason why you should always send them elsewhere to keep your novel unlost. ^^

    While i'm at it, how is your editing doing?

    1. It's doing great!! Thanks so much for asking!:D I'm going to go mass editing over the next week. (Winter break and all)

      Happy holidays, and wish you the best

    2. Hahahaha same here. XD
      And happy holidays and editing to you too! ^^

  2. I'm so happy to hear you found a copy of your work! Yay! I know exactly how your devastation felt. About 8 years ago, my hard drive crashed and I didn't have anything backed up. A whole lot of tears were shed, but I learned my lesson: never forget to back up everything all the time, and in several places.

    Good luck with your project! :)