Thursday, July 16, 2015


Oh my do I have a lot of respect for teachers. This summer I took up a task to teach a friend of mine French 1. I love French and recently went there during the spring a loved it. I also love teaching others, but I've never had a chance this big and continuous to do so. What do I do exactly? Well I teach vocab, grammar, and all of that shiz two hours every weekday which is quite intense for the body and mind tbh.

I've learned out of the entire experience so far that patience is key. You know that already of course, because you see teachers getting frustrated after repeating this so many times in class, but I never realized how much frustration. It's so intense, and you feel like you've let yourself and your students down because all of a sudden everything is lost. I'm trying to find better ways of coping with this and giving more patience to my student, but it's hard when you see them so often and it's so easy to just be done with everything. If you guys have any tips for me, please leave a comment below. Thanks! ;p

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