Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Don't Quote Me (#33)

Step out of your comfort zone! Advocare can help with health & income! Ask me how.

I really like the meaning behind this quote, because I personally have been the victim of not waning to change, but at the same time wanting my laugh to change. Really ironic I know. It's all because of this idea that I feel like I get stuck into a lot, that things will just happen to me and I won't have to worry or try as much, because things always turn out ok in the end. Here's a little story to for y'all. 2013 was probably one of my worst years to date. It was just all around intense angst, confusion, and depression in my life. I had no idea what was going to happen to me, and I didn't really know how to change anything around me either. Then in 2014 I set off a goal to do one new thing a month. People usually say to do one thing that you're afraid of a day, but that opportunity doesn't bring itself often enough for me or anyone I personally know to do that. If someone does do that, dang are they probably the god of humans because imagine all the mistakes and risks you've taken by the end of the year. You're nearly perfect if you do so. Anyways, I accomplished my goal in 2014, and then 2015 I tried to do it again, but I've been failing quite miserably, and this quote really reminded me to go out and make myself uncomfortable more. It's really tough sometimes, but I believe because I've seen it with my own eyes that you can change you're life, and create amazing opportunities for yourself by just trying one step at a time. I stand by that in my life, and I hope you try it in yours too. 

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  1. I totally agree with you on this quote. There is no other way to handle change, then by stepping out of your comfort zone. It may be hard, but in the long run it can be very well worth it or its a lesson well learned which you can later apply to your future!

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