Monday, July 13, 2015

Challenging to Read?

This summer I have summer homework in which I have to read Moby Dick. Of course you've already heard about this book and you know that it's probably the longest and dullest book you can sit down and read. I know all of my friends, including myself, can't sit still and read this tiresome book. So, I wanted to share how I'm going through the book, and not zone out every other word while reading a five page description of a wall.

Reading along while listening to someone read aloud is one of the best ways to keep your concentration and make the plot stick in your head more because there is an animated person telling you the story in his or her one way. I love doing this and then reading a long on my nook atm. I listen to the Spotify audio book, but there are many others out there too. My homework is that I have to find quotes at the same time, so I use my nook to highlight quotes that I can look back on when I start writing my laborious essay on Moby Dick.

I really hope this was a nice tip to others that find it hard to concentrate while reading a book, and if you have anymore tips that we can all find useful, please leave a comment down below.

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