Friday, March 15, 2013

This or That Book Tag

I found this on tumblr, by manelreads. Thought I'd like to do it. I will be tagging the people below:

Delaney from
Grace from

Though anyone can do this tag if you'd like!!
audio or book in hand?

In all honesty, audio books are more handy for me, but I can't afford audiobooks as often as an actual book.

soft cover or hardback?

Hardback cover, I think I actually wrote a post about this, here.

fiction or nonfiction?


fantasy world or real life issues?

Fantasy World

harry potter or twilight?

Harry Potter

kindle, ipad, or other?

Nook, and ipod

borrow or buy?

Buy, I feel more at ease than borrowing.

bookstore or online?

Definitely bookstore

tell me one time or total trilogy?

Paranormal Romance: one time because there's just too many triologies out there for that genre.

Action Adventure: Total Trilogy, or series

monster read or short and sweet?

short and sweet, to get the review up faster

starry eyed romance or full of action?

Full of action, and sometimes starry eyed romance thrown in there once in a while

curl up in your snuggie or bathe in the sun?


hot chocolate or latte?

Hot chocolate

read the review or decide for yourself?

Decide for myself, but find books from other people's reviews, if that makes any sense.

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