Monday, March 4, 2013

5 Authors I'd Autobuy Tag

I saw this somewhere either on Booktube(Youtube's book community) or tumblr. I'm not sure, but I wasn't tagged either way, so who's going to stop me? I'm pretty sure it's originally 10 authors, but I don't have such a long list, so here is my 5. 

John Green
I say a lot of good and bad things about John Green. Though, in the end, I'd still buy every book he writes. 
Here are some of the books I've read of his and reviewed:

Maureen Johnson
I loved her Jack the Ripper series, well the first installment, The Name of the Star. I need to get my hands on her other novels, but would like to read the Madness Underneath, which has recently been released. 

BR Myers
I've only read a couple of her short stories, and novels on wattpad, but they are all great. I will have a review on her full novel on wattpad tomorrow. 

E.A. Riggs
I just have to mention E.A. Riggs for writing Casey Barnes Eponymous. She's a debut author, and I can't wait for whatever she comes out next. Also go check out her kickstarter, please @

Kiersten White
I love Mind Games so much, that when Kiersten White does come out with a new book, I will automatically buy it if I could. I should get reading on her series, Paranormalcy. 

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