Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sankarea Anime Review


Furuya's not interested in the living, he's got zombies on the brain! When Furuya's cat dies, he decides he's going to try and bring it back to life. In the process, he stumbles across a girl who is involved in an accident and turns into a real zombie! What's Furuya going to do now that the thing he loves the most is right in front of his eyes?
Sankarea is on the mature side of animes because it does show some nudity and the themes in the show are quite out there-and by that, I mean 10 year olds may not understand what the anime is conveying. The animation is nothing special, but it is nice to look at. It doesn't have any cool animation style or quirk that most animes seem to have now like K Project or Boku Wa Minna Kawaisou.

The characters in this show are pretty active and progress the show. I wouldn't say it's completely character driven but the characters give a big part of it. The main character, Furuya, is suppose to be the main character, but I feel like the girl he falls for would probably be the main character in the end because it's mostly her journey dealing with her dad and etc.

I found it really difficult to keep watching this show for two reasons.

  1. The dark themes that I don't think would spoil the show too much would be the love interest's father takes pictures of her nude on her birthday every year since she was little. It's extremely disturbing and the 'protectiveness' he thinks he's creating for her causes her to turn into a zombie so she would escape. It is definitely an extreme measure to do so, and the consequences that Furuya has to go through for her seems really selfish of her in my opinion. It got tiring to watch a girl dragging along a guy because she knows he likes zombies. 
  2. The plot line and direction of the anime made it quite obvious of what was coming next. The show did not create enough suspense for a zombie love anime. I was really disappointed in that aspect. 
Things I did like about the show was Furuya's sister, who is a strong female role model since their mother passed away. I thought she was an interesting characters to contradict the two main characters because she is quite cool headed. 

Would I recommend this show to anyone? Eh..not really. I think people who like zombie animes would think that the anime was too lovey dovey (which I agree), and those who want to watch a romantic anime would get put off by the looming theme of a pedo father (or I was anyways). Any way how you look at it, it's not directing to any one demographic and it doesn't do a good job for balancing them. 

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