Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter to those who who celebrate Easter I hope that you have a great day and spend lots of fun time with your loved ones. I personally don't celebrate Easter, but when almost everyone around you does it's hard not to ignore it.

I have never done a blog post about a holiday before and I'll tell you the truth that I had no idea why I chose Easter. While you have your Easter egg hunts and fancy foods I'll go shopping for the best deals because the American way is to shop when you don't got.

I've created this sort of story of the day and would like to share it with my readers if you'd like. It's not religious at all and it's just about the thoughts I have lately.

Wear All My Chains Tonight
As you walk down the street you see cigarette buds, cups from the local fast food, and the trash bag of the drug store flying from a mile away. I've heard the same song they play at the outlet mall and the air is cleaner than the new channel said it will be. A bakery with the line paralleling the first Harry Potter movie gets all the attention of shoppers strolling by with the fresh smell of coffee being brewed constantly. Unlike the dogs that lie lazily in the spring's sun mothers cradle their babies to quiet their desperate cries to be noticed.

Taking my time to my destination I walk pass the location the first time and find myself at the directory with eyes dotting every way, like the crazy dog that Atticus killed in To Kill a Mockingbird. All was well until a flock of birds flew by and a dropping landed an inch away from my opened toed shoe. An older man with his lovely backs away from me and walked away from what they need to find a grandchild.

Oh what I'd give for the winds to spin and the trees to swim; they would all dance toward the opposite hemisphere if it was to get any better. Then all the kids would dance their way to the water fountains in their summer shorts and the parents worried of a cold stirring in the air and a bandage faced down on the concrete. Oh what I'd give.

But soon a boy no taller than an inch or two came his way over and asked me if he could help at all. He wore a formal uniform from the fanciest restaurant in town. Patrick, he told me was his name and escorted me to a bar stool.

"So what are you doing in this part of town?" he questioned while cleaning some drinks that were left from happy hour.

I cleared my throat and said," Chasing down the nearest Uncle Sam."

He looked at me queer for a minute and smiled like nothing was wrong," I suppose you expect me to show you around town?"

"I'd preferred if you'd tell me why you led me here."

"Is there anything I could get you then, sweetheart? Beside the closest Uncle Sam, I think he left a few months ago to vacation in Howie."

"No. Well, yes. Tell me, how do you work here? You don't look old enough to drink any of the things you make."

He raised his eye brows in question," Are you saying I look like a fifteen year old boy lost in the outlet mall and happened to fill in for an I don't know older "brother" so he won't get fired? Well, then in that case yes. YES!!"

"Good to know," I told him and he started to make a drink for a woman in her thirties who looked like she's heartbroken.

Patrick and I talked for a while and when he couldn't I talked to the woman. She wasn't that heartbroken she explained, but I couldn't here her beat in her voice. I did this for I don't know how long, till the restaurant closed, or when smoke started filling up in the kitchen and the firemen started evacuating. Patrick looked indifferent, so I assumed this was normal. Everything's normal if you think about it long enough.

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